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Head Hunting

When operating in a niche industry or an industry with scarce skilled resources, head-hunting service from Chase Xero is your best option to ensure you have adroit, competent and qualified workforce at all operational levels, from executive level to senior management appointments.

Our head-hunting service is designed to help you identify, approach and induct the best people in the industry be it within India, UK or internationally. We optimise strategies like talent sourcing and industry mapping to help you identify countries that have abundant skilled force that you’re looking for and experienced individuals who are a perfect fit for your job opening but may not be job-hunting.

Based on our talent sourcing findings, our experienced head-hunting team then creates a powerful strategy on how to reach out and best contact these individuals that match your employment needs. Our specialists contact potential individuals and see if they are interested in your job opening and motivated to switch.

Under this service, we do not advertise vacancies or search from a database of looking for jobs. Our head-hunting service exclusively focuses on researching, finding and attracting the top performers as well as most successful employees within your industry.

By hiring the adroit and experienced individuals who are well aware of the market shifts and abreast with the new industry developments, you can take advantage of it greatly. By recruiting such individuals, you will not have to invest time, money and efforts in training and skill-development or explain to them about industry complexities and standards they need to comply with. Since they are already in the market, it will be easier for them to transition to your company and deliver their best from the start.

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