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Contract Staffing

At Chase Xero, we understand the importance of business continuity. To stay competitive, it is crucial that your business is accessible 24x7x365 and orders are processed and delivered in a timely manner without any delays. However, to maintain smooth work operations and ensure your business never sleeps, it is important that you have an adequate number of staff which is often challenging to achieve. Reasons for this may be:
Did you know that each absent employee costs employers an average of £975? This sum is a combination of costs in sick pay and lost productivity?
Many companies across industries find themselves struggling through these challenges as they don’t have the right fit needed to cope with their unexpected and cyclical business needs in the fastest time possible. If you’re in a similar situation, then benefit from our contract staffing services today.
Leverage our service to gain access to the right and skilled staff quickly on a contract basis, much needed to meet pressing project deadlines or increasing number of consumer orders during peak seasons when your permanent workforce may not be enough or absent due to any reason.
Contract staffing also referred to as temporary staffing, is the best, quick and most cost-effective way to maintain your desired staff levels and increase your workforce on a short-term basis to meet seasonal and human resource requirements without adding to your permanent cost.
At Chase Xero, we can provide you with top, skilled and qualified hires on temporary basis in IT and Digital across multi-disciplines both in the UK and India. We have a pool of talented professionals available on contract basis who are skilled in the following areas: Asp.Net, PHP, J2EE, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, SAP, SQL Server, DBA, Oracle DBA, Dot Net IOS, Progress DBA, C, C++, Mongo DBA, UI Developer and Share Point.
Access to a time-tested, proven recruitment process and large database of skilled professionals enables us to find the right candidates for you on temporary basis in the shortest time, on demand. Our skilled professionals vigorously screen the selected candidates and short-list the best ones that match your business needs and job requirements like a perfect fit. Also, temporary staffing services at Chase Xero helps you bring down costs related to recruiting and training new employees.
Our contract staffing service allows you to increase or reduce staff at any time, depending on the needs of your business cycle. We strive to help you meet your operational goals when your full-time staff is on break or leave, so that you don’t have to compromise on your productivity, sales or profits and so that you offer superior service experience to your customers all year round. Besides this, it is also a great way to give your permanent staff a respite if it is overloaded with work during busy periods.

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